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An Interview with Kirin Farrell

Kirin Farrell kept Title Wave in business for over a decade, a journey that entailed forming a support system of friends and building resilience during a financial crisis. “My brother and I bought Title Wave Books from the previous owners in 2003. I had moved across the country and was pretty excited about the future,” she says.

Kirin strived to keep Title Wave Books’s precedents in place. “We continued to work closely with the homeschooling community, where I met the most wonderful people,” she says, attesting to her dedication to the spirit of the store. Her effort is a large reason why our store is Albuquerque’s premiere resource for the homeschooling community.

She put Title Wave Books in a position to grow, despite impending difficulties. “We managed to move to a larger location where we had community room. We opened doors to all who wanted to spend time with us. At the same time, we went through a struggle with the declining economy where many bookstores did not survive. We stayed afloat with the help of a few good friends.”

The 2008 recession changed the way of life for many families. Extra care had to be put into the thought behind every penny spent. Independent bookstores had already been on the decline due to the rise of competition from big-name booksellers. However, this was also a time where customers became more dedicated to the specific businesses they were shopping because they wanted to make their spending matter. It is thanks to our community and Kirin’s resilience that Title Wave Books made it through those trying times.

“After 12 years, I decided it was time to sell the store,” she says. “It is such a beautiful feeling to see the store continue to thrive and to see the support they have from so many makes all the difference in the world. I’m so proud to be a part of this store and hope Title Wave Books stays around for many years to come!”

Kirin made it possible for current owners Liberty Goldstein and Leslie Gulley to continue building the Title Wave legacy. The deliberate sacrifices she made in the face of hardships ensured the success of the store today.

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