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Liberty and Leslie

People who walk through the doors of Title Wave Books often remark, “I haven’t been here since I was little, with my parents!” The store is a valuable resource to families in need of affordable and clean teaching materials, and many a parent has come in looking for help.

Current owner Liberty Goldstein was one of these parents. “I was originally hired to put the homeschooling section in order,” she said. Take it from someone who works closely beside her - her organizational skills are top-notch and yield results that are kind of to-die-for.

When Kirin Farrell decided to step away from Title Wave, she contacted Liberty to see if she would be interested in taking over. After consulting with her husband, she reached out to her best friend and fellow Title Wave employee Leslie Gulley. The two took a chance and bought the store with help from crowdfunding. They signed the papers on July 1st, 2015.

The store has had the benefit of their trained eyes ever since. “We were really excited about buying the store because we wanted to keep the legacy of Title Wave alive and be a help to homeschooling families - we both knew what it was like to be homeschooling moms,” Leslie said.

Liberty and Leslie complement each other in a way that spurs constant ingenuity. In the span of a week, they might tackle daunting projects such as improving a whole section’s organization, putting upwards of 300 books in inventory, and hanging rubber bats in just the right spots.

The duo has turned Title Wave Books into a magical zoo filled with a giant spider named Joan, two owls, and a skeletal dragon. Inanimate, sure - but that’s not all. Thanks to these two bookstore owners, Title Wave Books fosters cats - the real, live, meowing kind - from Animal Humane. Liberty and Leslie fawn over each cat like they’re the only cat that has ever existed.

“We still really want to reach out to our community! It’s taken us five years of owning a business before we found out what we really want to do. Now, we can start living our vision,” Leslie said.

Through ownership, location, and aesthetic changes, the spirit of Title Wave Books remains a familiar and constant resource to people in and around Albuquerque. Liberty and Leslie are two reliable book-geeks that have been through it all in terms of parenting and homeschooling.

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