Book Trading/Buying Policy

We give fair trade credit or cash for all books that we keep.

Book Trading hours by appointment only

Monday: closed

Tuesday: 10am - 6pm

Wednesday: 10am - 6pm

Thursday: 10am - 6 pm

Friday: 9am - 6pm

Saturday: 9am - 6pm

Sunday: closed

COVID-19 Safety Rules

These parameters are necessary for us to maintain safe and efficient book trading


Any Trade Credit given by Title Wave Books, revised, will be usable for up to 75% of the total amount of purchase in store. The remaining 25% will need to be paid with cash or credit/debit.
Those who currently have trade credit on a yellow or white voucher will still be able to use that trade credit for up to 100% of their total purchase price until that trade credit is gone. Our new vouchers will be gray and our newer policy applies to them.


Title Wave Books, revised, offers a cash option for book buys. Our trade policy allows for trade credit at 25% of our resale value of the books we take in trade or cash at 10% of our resale value.


We have book buying hours from 11am until 4pm, Tuesday through Saturday, by appointment ONLY. This allows us to be sure that we always have extra staff for  smoother and quicker transactions.


Title Wave Books, revised, is now offering the option of donating your trade credit to one of our local children's or educational charities. Customers will be able to donate a portion, or all, of their trade credit to one of several charities to get books into the hands of Albuquerque kids!

These parameters are necessary for us to run an organized and efficient business while keeping our staff and customers safe and our store disinfected and clean. We appreciate your understanding in regard to our requirements for book trading and buying at this time.

If you want to come in to shop, we are operating at 50% capacity, which means we can have up to 16 humans in our shop at any given time. 

  • We are considering clean books in very good condition.

  • We will not consider any books that need to be cleaned of dust, dirt, cobwebs, bugs, or animal fur.

  • Limit of 3 boxes or reusable grocery bags full of books.

  • We will not take books in trash bags or massive plastic bins.

  • You must be able to lift your own books onto our countertop.

  • We are not allowing drop-offs or donations, NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • All books that we do not keep must be taken with you.

  • We cannot take donations or dispose of books on behalf of customers.

We appreciate your business!